Safeguarding Fine Art Shipments

What We Do

From fine art shipping, art courier and art handling services to transporting and storing major exhibitions, Assured Arts moves artwork and valuable property – paintings, sculptures, antiques, artifacts & other items.

We know the ins and outs and who’s who of the market. Ensuring that museums, art galleries, collectors & other clients have the best moving and storage options for a given job, we take into consideration budget, timeline, scheduling, availability, origin/destination and other determinants.

We use secured logistics and risk mitigation strategies when transport conditions require heightened safety and security measures.

Our safe and secure logistics services for fine art and valuables are used by discerning clients worldwide.

If it’s truly valuable, it should be moved by hand

Our clients include museums, historic and cultural institutions, art galleries, dealers, collectors, auction houses and government, business and private clients.

Fine art and other valuable and/or fragile items when moved are often damaged, misplaced or stolen. Using services such as experienced couriers & art handlers, assessing risk and implementing loss prevention strategies all but eliminate these occurrences.

Museums prefer specialty transport services, using our couriers to move small and fragile works such as jewels, ivory, manuscripts, delicate paintings, and porcelains.

Other industry and private clients, in strategically planning their shipments, decrease risk of damage, theft, and misplacement by using the services we offer.

In the event a loss does happen, our quick investigation and recovery efforts are crucial to successfully mitigate financial loss.

Art Courier Advantages:

  • Quicker transit times
  • Items that travel in the cabin with the courier or in the heated baggage hold on commercial aircraft vs. the unheated hold on cargo carriers have a decreased probability of being damaged, especially works susceptible to extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Safety and security to the items being transported is unparalleled when using a hand carry courier
  • When smaller art, antique or artifact objects are shipped in small crates as cargo, despite being labeled as fragile, they are often mishandled during the transfer process
  • For international transport, import-export procedures are streamlined with a courier present, as they can immediately address any unanticipated events, delays or requirements that may arise during processing

Safe, Secure Art Transport

  • Secured logistics utilized when required and/or requested
  • Risk assessment, mitigation and strategic route planning
  • Real-time courier and item location tracking
  • Micro trackers placed in packaging/crating in addition to item attachment when possible
  • Advanced IT monitoring and online interface allows visibility of movement and provides verification of delivery from anywhere
  • Rapid response, investigation and recovery efforts in the event of loss
Item Tracking

Real time courier and item tracking.


Experienced Art Movers:

For transporting fine art and valuable items worldwide, Assured Arts uses experienced, vetted fine art service providers. This makes planning and service provision more efficient, reducing the coordination effort, paperwork, and risks associated with more supplier handovers.

We offer a turn-key solution for clients, organizing the packing, crating or casing, collection/pick-up/delivery, flight/transport arrangements and import-export dealings. Or, we provide courier-only solutions for those interested in coordinating and managing transport logistics internally or individually.

Our risk assessment and strategic planning practice determines best transport and routing for any given move, with loss prevention at the core of operational planning.

One of the greatest risks in transporting valuable items is theft, a $30 billion a year business. Thieves today are smarter, more organized, and more aggressive, making it all the more important to implement risk mitigation and theft prevention strategies.

In the unfortunate event a loss does occur, we immediately begin an investigation and determine solutions to minimize loss.

Standardizing and providing transparency to the transport of valuable items worldwide, Assured Arts offers timely, safe, secure and cost effective solutions to the art marketplace and other industry and private clients who use the services we arrange.

Art Case

Specialty cases protect items in transit.

Courier Handover

Worldwide courier and logistics services.

* For all services, confidentiality and client anonymity are maintained